Getting One Other Cat After A Diagnosis Of Fip

The mutated virus just isn’t shed by the cat, so while FIP just isn’t actually contagious, the more benign feline coronavirus is contagious to other felines. If your cat has FIP, different cats in your household may be at a greater risk for turning into infected with feline coronavirus. Fortunately, infection will result in this fatal disease in a minority of cats. As a precaution, many veterinarians recommend that you Home simply wait a couple of month after an infected cat dies earlier than introducing a new cat into the house, to reduce the chance of exposure to the virus. In a multi-cat household by which an contaminated cat has died, it is suggested to wait at least three months to see if another cats develop clinical illness.

If fluid is present, a few of it may be eliminated by tapping the chest or the stomach. Analysis of this fluid at a veterinary laboratory could be notably useful, as few different diseases Home produce the same sort of fluid that FIP creates. Nevertheless, fluid evaluation does not all the time present a definitive analysis of the illness.

FIP is believed to result from a mutation of the virus throughout the physique that combines with the response of the immune system. This combination Home results in irritation in various organ techniques.

As explained above, most infections are with relatively harmless strains of feline coronavirus. Unfortunately, this preliminary benign an infection could later mutate to trigger FIP in some cats. Even with the extra harmful strains, apparently wholesome cats may be carriers of the virus, and should shed the virus without ever showing indicators of illness. Many cats that develop FIP don’t have Home any historical past of contact with other cats showing scientific indicators of FIP. The virus can stay dormant or inactive within the body for months to years before the cat ultimately develops illness. While large numbers of cats are contaminated with feline coronavirus, few will ever develop FIP.

However, these previously exposed cats could possibly be carriers of the illness and will probably infect any new cats. Many of the clinical indicators of FIP are imprecise and occur with different illnesses found Home in cats, making FIP significantly troublesome to diagnose. There could also be abnormalities in a routine blood evaluation, however none is specific for FIP. X-rays may be useful to determine the presence of fluid in the stomach or chest.

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